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The fifth chapter of the "Big Book", Alcoholics Anonymous contains the twelve steps of recovery and says what to do in the physical world to make it work. What works, works in the spiritual realm. How it works in the spiritual dimension is explained here in light of the teachings of New Thought, Abraham, Eckhart Tolle and others. In addition to the twelve steps there are chapters on spiritual growth and evolution, affirmative prayer, gratitude, honest open minded and willing, the art of war, surrender and deafness in recovery. English is a second language for the author and many terms are explained in American Sign Language. Language used and sentence structure is easily understood by Deaf.





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Recovery is spiritual growth and evolution.  Millions of people who have been addicted to alcohol, drugs, food and other things have grown spiritually and evolved into higher consciousness by way of the twelve steps.  This book and seminar open that path of growth and evolution to everyone, addicted or not.

Those of us in recovery have so much to be grateful for: Fellowship, a group of people who share their experience, strengths and hope with each other. Program, millions of people have become happy, joyous and free by following our program of recovery.  Wayne Dyer says,”Friends are God’s way of apologizing for your family” we have such wonderful friends that they will help, even when the best and hardest help they give is to do nothing and let us learn.  The book, How It Works shows how universal spiritual principles operate in the 12 steps of recovery.  You don’t have to be an alcoholic or drug addict for those spiritual principles to work, but it helps because of the programs in place for recovery.  The seminar "Evolve" is an introduction to a program for social drinkers (Earth People, Recovery Challenged, Normal People) as well as those in recovery.



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