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Web Rings

Web Rings are associations of different sites that channel visitors from one to another.

We have joined several web rings that are focused on recovery support.

We invite you to explore the other sites in the various rings.

We hope you find support from all the sites available.

Recovery Universe
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12 Step Program Support Websites
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Deaf Web Ring
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Deaf Web Ring
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New Book

I Am - Flight

Comming Soon


"The spiritual being that is having our human experience is who we really are and is known as “I Am”.


"My “I Am” is part of the collective energy of spirits who fly. “I Am” Flight."


"Flying for us is not something we do, it is something we are."


"Spiritual growth, awakening, and evolution is what we are considering here."


"I thought the “good feeling” was from flying. Now I know that the “good feeling” was being fully awake, in the moment, conscious and connected."


"Ego and “I Am” have an inverse relationship."


"We are spirits who fly with and without an aircraft. Here is how:"