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Each day has been a record crowd.

These boys now know how to say "friends" in Sign Language

2009, I will be signing books and speaking with people in the "Author's Corner".  There is an AA/Alanon meeting every morning at 8:00 AM at the "Nature Center", I will see you there.  The Evolve Seminar Presentation will be going at the camp site.  We would like to book talks, book signings and seminars at your New Thought Center, Unity Church, Club House or Treatment Center anywhere between Key West and Duluth before or after Airventure.

New friend, Diane Brander

I met a new friend today, Diane Brander of Washburn, Wisconsin.  Diane is author of the book, Blindwalk to Potter's Farm great candor and wit, Diane speaks of the physical and spiritual highs and lows, the synchronicities (why I am writing this), the learning experiences that brought her and her husband Bob to Northern Wisconsin and Potter's Farm. From storms pounding their sailboat (Shambhala, a place of higher consciousness and evolution - they called her “Horizon” or “the steel boat”) on high seas off Cape Hatteras, to the Findhorn Foundation of Scotland; from the financial fears of unemployment to a death-defying bout with advanced cancer; from her first experience with A COURSE IN MIRACLES to her own beginning with 'messaging', Diane shares the story of her journey.”  So, How It works is the second book expressing universal spiritual Truths and their application to come from s/v Shambhala/Horizon.

Fourth Dimension of Exitence

Children of a Lesser god

The Author of How It Works will be facilitating the discussion of the movie at CPL, April 17, 2009.  Come see the movie for the first time through the eyes of a Deaf person.  Reservations required call 941 366-0275 or Email  We are going to do it again soon, watch for the date.

CPL 3/15/2009

Over 50 books sold!!  Everybody loved it!!  Here is my talk:  Click here to listen>   CD can be purchased from CPL mail to:



I was given the drug streptomycin as an infant which destroys the auditory nerve.


My Grandmother was German and it was important to her to speak correctly, she taught me to voice English


In the eighth grade a school nurse came with an audiometer and discovered that I can't hear.  Since I could voice well and lip read I was left in the mainstream school, made to repeat the eighth grade, sent to lip reading therapy and told that I had a slight hearing loss.


Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are an "I Am".  If we are not conscious of "I Am" then only ego is active.  “I Am” and ego have an inverse relationship.  When one is in front, the other is in back.  My ego survived by acting, performing very well, as a hearing person.  Brainwave analysis has shown that my brain operates the same as someone who is full Deaf.  ASL is my first language, English is second or maybe even third behind German.  I was not allowed to be Deaf or even to know that “I Am” Deaf.  When I was 44 years old, soon to be divorced, losing a job and terribly depressed, I could get free counseling at Community Services for the Deaf because of my “slight hearing loss”.  The counselor said to me, “Greg, you are Deaf and it is OK to be Deaf, especially when you can’t hear.”  “I Am”, finally had permission to come to the front.


In a class at CPL, when the CPL office was in the world on the other side of I-75, we had been talking about the qualities of God.  A classmate asked me to show her how to say "I am Truth" in sign language.  I showed her "I Am" and stopped before signing "true".  English is very linear and it is necessary to say "I" "am" "truth" but not in ASL.  "I Am" includes all and any quality of God.


(Those of you listing to this recording now know what it feels like to know that  "something is happening but you don't know what it is" Bob Dylan "Mr. Jones" that is the Deaf experience)


"I Am" refers to the space my body is in, not my body - I am not my body.  Then it ends with a combination of "now" and "here".  So, "I Am" includes my body but is more, it is everything you need to say about who I really am, and it is present always here and now. 

In the News

Xenex Systems Publishing has started with MS Word Document files, designed the book and covers, produced .pdf files for offset printing, contracted for printing, obtained a block of ISBN numbers, developed web site complete with merchant account and can do the same for you.


Article Published: Deaf and Recovery

Creative Writing Group

I met with a creative writing group yesterday.  There are several published authors in the group, but no one else in recovery apparently.  I read chapter 5 of my book, "HOW Honest, Open minded & Willing".  The comments amazed me:

"Good! The analogy of Ego equivocal to alcoholism ...  This would be good for someone who isn't an alcoholic also, wouldn't it."  Not very many of my friends are social drinkers.  I don't hang out with many people who are not in recovery.  Yes, I write about ego taking over our life, the Big Book talks about "self will run riot", that is alcoholism.  You don't have to be an alcoholic to benefit from this book, but it helps. 

"Thank you for having the courage to speak truth in a setting that may not have knowledge of the truth of their being... only understanding their doing.  You say a lot in a small amount of words."  (There was one lady who is a fundamentalist evidently and did not say anything about my reading but read something that said Jesus was the name above all names and the only way to salvation.  Another lady had told me the book should be twice as thick - I said it was the right thickness, that if it was any longer a lot of people wouldn't read it.)

"Very thoughtful, examines, almost dissects motivation to act on anything.  Nice flow of cause & effect."  Makes me think that I should really get to know more people who are not alcoholics, they seem to get more out of the book than I do.

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"The spiritual being that is having our human experience is who we really are and is known as “I Am”.


"My “I Am” is part of the collective energy of spirits who fly. “I Am” Flight."


"Flying for us is not something we do, it is something we are."


"Spiritual growth, awakening, and evolution is what we are considering here."


"I thought the “good feeling” was from flying. Now I know that the “good feeling” was being fully awake, in the moment, conscious and connected."


"Ego and “I Am” have an inverse relationship."


"We are spirits who fly with and without an aircraft. Here is how:"