How It Works
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"The fifth chapter of the “Big Book”, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA, 1936) is titled “How it Works”.  The first three pages that include the 12 steps are read at the opening of most AA meetings.  Being Deaf, I struggle to understand English and probably think more deeply than many native English users about what things really mean.  It occurred to me early on that the fifth chapter doesn’t actually say “how it works”; it says “what to do to make it work”.  With some growth and evolution, “how it works” has begun to come into view for me.  What “works”, works in the spiritual realm." 

"In the twelve steps of recovery for physical beings I see four steps repeated for spiritual beings.  1.)  Being “I Am”.  2.)  Being present in the now moment.  3.)  Being in Alignment.  4.)  Feeling, experiencing “who we really are”.  If you understand what you just read, you got it, congratulations."


Higher Consciousness and Evolution

Step 1) “We admitted that we were powerless over alcohol and that our lives had become unmanageable.”

"Before we can admit it we have to have observed it.  When we observe it our “I Am” is the observer and our ego is the observed.  That places our consciousness in our “I Am” and not in our ego.  Our “I Am” is the spiritual being that we really are and is connected to Spirit also called Infinite Source or God.  That is a very good place for our consciousness to be and very likely a new place for our consciousness to be."

"When we make a decision, we put a thought into our consciousness.  I put the thought of my ego getting out of the pilot’s seat, and the caring God of my understanding getting into the pilot’s seat and flying in a new direction.  Thoughts are energy.  At that moment my energy (vibration) was aligned with Infinite Source’s vibration and it was manifest.  That is the law of attraction.  It applies all the time weather we are aware of it or not.  It is a three step process; we ask, Infinite Source gives us instantly what we asked for, and we accept it by matching our vibrational frequency to what we asked for.  The group of non-physical beings called Abraham (Abraham), 2004), channeled by Esther and Jerry Hicks teaches this very clearly."

'“Humbly” means to place our consciousness in our “I Am” and not in our ego.  “Him” means God, Universe, and Infinite Source.  Our “I Am” is the spiritual being that is having a human experience.  Our “I Am” was created by God “in the image and likeness of God” and is spirit.  Therefore, our “I Am” was created by God out of Itself.  Our “I Am” is connected to God.  In fact you cannot identify a point where “I Am” stops and God begins.  Placing our consciousness in our “I Am” sends the vibrational energy to Infinite Source asking that the thoughts causing low vibrational feelings be removed from our mind.  Of course Universe responds immediately and it is so.  We are free at last!"

Questions About 12 Step Recovery

"Step 0) It isn’t written but there is a step zero.  Everybody does step zero before they do step one.  Like a couple other steps, it is a prayer.  In one form or another, the prayer is “God, help me”.  Some times it is greatly abbreviated to “Oh shit!”  Like all prayers, it is a thought that causes emotions that send vibration to The Universe.  The Universe responds with vibration that often results in Step 1.  The fact that you are reading this shows that you have probably worked Step zero."

"Writing them down does two things:  1.) Freezes them and holds them still so they stop slamming around in our mind.  2.) Brings them out of the past and into the NOW moment which is the only time we can do anything.  The “Big Book” tells us about three columns (Name, Cause, and Effect) in our list.  There is a very important fourth column that Sponsors tell us about, “What Was My Role in This?.”  Sponsors have to tell us about that column because we don’t usually have the objectivity to see it.  Our egos are usually so big that we just assume we have the primary role in everything."

"Unnumbered Steps) There is an old saying in AA: “The two sickest people in the room will find each other.”  That old saying is usually said when somebody comes back after a relapse that was the result of a relationship in early sobriety.  Actually, there is a13th step.  It is what happens when the two sickest people in the room find each other.  There isn’t anything that happens in the spiritual dimension in the 13th step."

"Make a Gratitude List; No matter what the issue, making a gratitude list will raise your vibrational level and cause you to feel better.  Gratitude is the key.  See the chapter “How to Find the Key”.'

"Make a fear list and go over it with your sponsor.  Fear is very low vibrational energy, so you must have your sponsor review your fear list immediately.  Sponsors cross off items on the list that are not in the NOW moment, won’t make any difference if they do happen or cannot be prevented.  This exercise raises our vibrational level from the very low level of fear."


"What happens in the physical world when a Deaf or hard of hearing person enters an AA room:  Everybody else seems to be connected and that makes us feel even more isolated than normal.  It is frightening that we understand nothing that is going on around us.  When we do catch a phrase or idea expressed every body else seems to understand it in some other way.  It seems that it isn’t even English that we don’t understand.  We are here because we have hit a bottom and we are desperate.  The fear intensifies because we know our lives may very well depend upon our beginning recovery.  At least our marriage, perhaps freedom from jail and job or school depends upon our beginning recovery.  And, we don’t understand anything and we feel for certain that we are not part of it or connected to it in any way.  So we sit and endure the hour if we can, get up and leave when it is over, go out and suffer some more until we hit another deeper bottom or die."


"What happens in the spiritual dimension when a Deaf or hard of hearing person enters an AA room:  A group of souls has come together with a common single intention, to recover from alcoholism.  The spiritual beings are mixed and connected to each other so that you can’t tell where one stops and the other starts.  The energy level rises as all are giving energy and receiving more than they give.  Occasionally an ego does something to stop the whole process but the process starts again as soon as the ego stops acting.  Some meetings have more than their share of egos acting but the process of energy sharing is always trying to start again.   The spiritual beings are not communicating by voice and it makes no difference if we are hearing, Deaf or hard of hearing.  The “Big Book” mentions the “language of the heart”.  That is the form of communication here."


"What is the solution for Deaf?  Know that this is a spiritual program. Keep your consciousness in your “I Am” and out of your ego. Immerse yourself in your group where the genuine group conscience is active.  Go to meetings as if your life depends upon it, because it does.  No interpreter?  It is a spiritual program.  Take your body to a meeting and your spirit - your “I Am” - goes along.  Your spirit will connect and be healed.  I had no hearing aids my first six months of recovery.  I had lost most of my lip reading skill by using hearing aids for several years.  I heard nothing of what was said in meetings but I went to three meetings a day.  It worked, my spirit was healed and began to grow stronger and wiser.  I wrote notes to the person, who ever it was, that was sitting next to me: “What is the topic?”, “Why is she crying?”, and “Who is that person?”  Connections were made with eye contact, facial expressions and movements.  Sponsors always find a way to be understood.  Mine took me outside and yelled right into my ear."


New Book

I Am - Flight

Comming Soon


"The spiritual being that is having our human experience is who we really are and is known as “I Am”.


"My “I Am” is part of the collective energy of spirits who fly. “I Am” Flight."


"Flying for us is not something we do, it is something we are."


"Spiritual growth, awakening, and evolution is what we are considering here."


"I thought the “good feeling” was from flying. Now I know that the “good feeling” was being fully awake, in the moment, conscious and connected."


"Ego and “I Am” have an inverse relationship."


"We are spirits who fly with and without an aircraft. Here is how:"