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The author lost his hearing as an infant but grew up oral. Earned a Private Pilot's License before he graduated from high school. Is a graduate of The University of Dayton (1974). He has been in recovery more than 15 years. Lives aboard the sailing vessel Shambhala (a place of higher consciousness and evolution) currently in Sarasota Bay.  See BLOG Site


"Do you have experience as a teacher or facilitator?" is a question asked recently.  Here is my answer:

You know that we chose our parents according to our purpose in the coming life.  The good news is that my father is one of a group of the most effective teachers in the world.  The bad news is that group of teachers is known as Marine Drill Instructors.  However, that makes one of my true purposes in life fairly clear.  I served for several years as a member of the pastoral leadership team of Our Lady's Prayer Group, a covenant community of about 300 families at that time, in Toledo (early '80s) part of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.  I lead and facilitated a dozen or so Life In The Spirit Seminars and gave teachings regularly.  I was asked by the Provincial of the Society of Mary at Bergamo Center (University of Dayton - my degree is in Business but I studied Theology) to lead a Life In The Spirit Seminar there.  That was the beginning of a large prayer group that still exist I think. 

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"The spiritual being that is having our human experience is who we really are and is known as “I Am”.


"My “I Am” is part of the collective energy of spirits who fly. “I Am” Flight."


"Flying for us is not something we do, it is something we are."


"Spiritual growth, awakening, and evolution is what we are considering here."


"I thought the “good feeling” was from flying. Now I know that the “good feeling” was being fully awake, in the moment, conscious and connected."


"Ego and “I Am” have an inverse relationship."


"We are spirits who fly with and without an aircraft. Here is how:"